The PPFA's Mission.

Financial Responsibility

Add resources to the City budget without increasing taxes by returning profit to the City rather than allowing outside corporations to pocket it.

Reducing Costs

Reduce the cost of public projects like repairing libraries and schools because, unlike Wall Street Banks, it would not charge high interest rates to the City. This would reduce the cost of these projects by an estimated 50%, allowing the city to do more with our money. And the interest paid could come back to the City as a dividend.

Fostering Growth

Build opportunities to create small businesses by extending low-interest loans and credit to community banks that provide most small business loans and have been starved of funding since the recession.

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Fight With

The PPFA aims to work with the local government to secure funding and support to develop the first Public Bank of Philadelphia – one of the few in the United States. Equality in financial opportunity is critical for the future of our city. 

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